Section 8 Housing Program

Do you need financial assistance to help pay for monthly rent or mortgage payments? If you’re considered low-income and require assistance with housing costs, then you should try to qualify for the Section 8 Housing Program.

What is Section 8?

Section 8 Housing is a federally funded housing program that gives beneficiaries monthly vouchers that will help them pay for rent or mortgage. How much assistance money will I get?

Each voucher is equivalent to 30% of your current monthly housing cost. The remaining 70% of the cost must be paid by the renter. Your local Public Housing Agency will determine how much you will receive when you apply.

Can I use vouchers to pay for mortgage?

Yes, you can use your vouchers to pay for mortgage. But, only first-time homebuyers are eligible to use their vouchers in this way.

How can I use my vouchers?

After receiving your voucher, simply use it together with the rest of payment and hand it over to your landlord or collector.

How can I apply for Section 8?

You can contact your local PHA, or you can find online resources where you can submit your application.

How do I qualify?

The main determining factor for eligibility is household income. Your household income must fall under the low-income bracket, or at the bottom 30% of household incomes throughout the country.

How long does approval take?

The duration of your application depends on the current waitlist. Most applicants are placed on a waitlist wherein they will have to wait in queue to get approved and receive benefits. In most cases, this may take months or years.

How long can I be eligible for Section 8?

You will be under review and evaluation from time to time in order to for you PHA to determine if you still need Section 8 benefits, or if someone on the waitlist needs it more.

Can I choose a new home before I start receiving vouchers?

Yes, you can move into a new home before you start Section 8. Your voucher amount will be adjusted to your new monthly rent or mortgage.